When it comes to building a home, the right people make all the difference.


Building your own home is exciting, creative, inspiring… and just a little bit daunting.

We’re here to act as your independent facilitator, so you’re free to enjoy the process with the confidence of an expert at your side.


We bring you independent, impartial advice


We act as building brokers, taking you through the entire process and working on your behalf to secure the best team for your home.

With extensive knowledge of residential building, established networks and a commitment to delivering you the best quality for the best price, we help you build more than just a home. We help you build delight.


Choose Aurum & get:


A better designed home

We work together with you from the start to develop a detailed brief that reflects the needs and desires of your family, and recommend a pool of architects who work in the style you envision. We know through experience that having the right designers on board from the start leads to a better home at the end.


A more cost-effective home

Because we put your design out to tender and aren’t biased towards any particular supplier, we can deliver competitive cost savings. You spend less on your build than you would by committing to a single contractor from the start – giving more dollars and cents to spend on the things that matter.


A higher quality home

The build itself is often the most stressful part of the process and it’s one where we excel in taking the pressure off you. We collaborate with all teams on the job to ensure they’re working to time and on budget, whilst achieving the high quality standard set out for your home.



The difference with Aurum is that we are building brokers


Your Build.
Our Knowledge.


Fulfill your dream, without the hassle

Know you’re getting quality at a fair price

Gain access to a trusted and connected network

Be confident in a clear and concise process

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